ECREA - Section Recherche Radiophonique

La section Recherche Radiophoniques de l'association européenne ECREA (European Communication Research and Education Association) est partenaire du GRER. En novembre 2008, dans le cadre du congrès général de l'association qui s'est déroulé à Barcelone, cette section a organisé 6 ateliers consacrés à la radio. Elle projette d'organiser un colloque international spécifique en octobre 2009 à Chypre. 

Radio has played an important role in the linguistic and cultural heritage of all European countries. It continues to be ubiquitous, influential and multi-faceted and must be investigated, analysed and theorised.

Radio as a social institution and as an art will benefit from increased attention being paid to it by the academic sector. The development of a discourse and literature based on research on this medium will profit all parties who have an interest in radio.

The Radio Research Section of ECREA fosters and promotes research into all aspects of radio from programming and production to policy and legislation, from audience consumption to public participation and radio's contribution to the public sphere.

ECREA Radio Research Section provides opportunities for the international exchange of information and collaboration across disciplines within the field of communication focusing on radio.

The section assists members in developing their work through conferences, publications and by promoting dialogue among members. This level of interaction assists members in finding partners and in developing international research projects. It helps to create a radio community and to initiate academic dialogue .

Radio Research Section:

• promotes and fosters the development of all aspects of research on the medium of radio,

• builds communication and collaboration between radio researchers,

• communicates the existing work of radio researchers to the broader academic world and to the public at ECREA events, at other conferences, through publications and the internet,

• develops contacts and collaboration with organisations working in the field of radio and radio education.

Section's chair and vice-chairs

Chair: Guy Starkey (Sunderland, United Kingdom)
Vice Chair: Angeliki Gazi (Athens, Greece & Cyprus)
Vice Chair: Stanislaw Jedrzejewski (Rzeszow, Poland)

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